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Penetration Test

Penetration Testing for WordPress Website
Penetration Testing for Magenot Website
Penetration Testing for PHP & HTML Website
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Our Services

Our services include performing an advanced test on your website which highlights potential security holes within your code. In doing so, you will have an early option to rectify the errors prior to an attacker stealing your data. We are able to advise a solution and provide a service to fix any errors that we have found while performing the penetration testing. While performing penetration testing can take few days to complete our fees are extremely reasonable and reflect the change (updates) a website has at any given moment. We charge competitive daily rates to conduct the advanced penetration test and provide you with a report. The normal industry price can exceed £1,200 per day. We, however, are making penetration testing more widely available as opposed to being a costly burden.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

  • Path Traversal
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • Cross Site Scripting
  • SQL Injection
  • Directory Browsing
  • Plus many more tests as standard
  • WordPress, Magento, Drupal or a custom PHP/HTML Web Application

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    Why Simulate an attack to your website?

    FastBooking - Personal payment card data & details have been stolen by hackers by using their app. The hackers where able to use an vulnability in a application hosted on it's server to install malware. In doing so, the hacker was able to gain access and steal the data. Read more

    It's an early warning to a potential threat!

    Ticketmaster - Customers data may have been stolen due to an hack to their website. They announced that only UK customers where affected. Ticketmaster advised that they identified the malicious software on a customer support product. Read more

    Our Team

    We have a team here that has been Sys Admin, Network Admin, Programmers and have mitigated common attacks to websites and or servers. Collectively across the team, we have an experience that can enhance the security of your website by knowing what to Penetrate Test and a solution. Further, we have a team that can help fix the errors that a penetration test can find.

    Experienced Cyber Security Penetration Testing
    Your Security is Our Business - Penetration Testing Services

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    We want to make Penetration Testing more affordable to all companies to matter what size.


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    We are experienced in performed Penetration Tests and Mitigating attacks to website.


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